Maria Torres Emerging Artists Foundation (MTEAF) which also stands for Motivation, Teaching, Education, Action, and Fellowship is a rigorous, interdisciplinary educational and mentorship program in the performing arts empowering pre-teens and young adults, from multiethnic and underserved communities, to achieve their goals as professionals in the entertainment industry.

MTEAF looks to promote a collaborative learning environment that will cultivate positive creative relationships for its' artist through mentoring programs and professional guidance.

The foundations will offer programs that connect professional actors, directors, choreographers and singers to emerging artists in their respective disciplines.

The purpose is to shape, highlight, and exhibit the exceptional talent of those artist who have unwavering dedication and a passion for their craft. The excellence comes from holding each artist to the highest standards of excellence in the performing arts.

MTeaf is commited to:
  • Cultivating exceptional talent in the performing arts
  • Enhancing the educational experience of our students
  • Building active role models and community leaders
  • Improving character and self-esteem
  • Promoting multiethnic inclusiveness in the entertainment industry
  • Providing a platform for actors, dancers and singers to create original work
  • Facilitating career opportunities through industry connections
  • Developing community outreach programs for social benefit
  • Producing accessible and quality entertainment for our community

MTEAF’s educational program provides our members with fundamental techniques in theater, dance and music based on their individual needs and professional goals. In addition, members receive instruction in personal character development, including self-esteem strengthening exercises and conflict resolution activities,which helps them become role models and leaders of our community.

As part of our community outreach initiative, MTEAF members take what they learn and pay it forward by working with participants (nonmembers) across our community and educational offerings, which are designed for recreational purposes to expose the non-professional to the performing arts.

Platform for diversity in arts

MTEAF is committed to training emerging artists from multiethnic backgrounds and underserved communities by offering them a platform to develop, create and produce works in multimedia. These productions reflect the varied poignant human experiences of our diverse community while keeping connected to universal, relatable themes.
MTEAF’s members are showcased in our multimedia productions open to our communities and industry leaders. In addition, members participate in seminars and industry events that offer career opportunities.

mentorship program

MTEAF mentor program connects professional actors, directors, choreographers and singers to emerging artists in their respective disciplines. Mentors provide students with professional guidance and moral support throughout the various stages of members�professional development.